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US Elections: Republicans win US Senate while Democrats will win the House

US Republican Party has won the Senate mid-term elections, while Democrats have taken controlled of the House of Representative setting stage for a tense relationship between Trump and Democratic controlled house according to US news agencies.

Washington Post predicts that the Republican Party will gain two seats from the Democrats in the Senate increasing their current majority to 53. Republicans initially had a tiny 51-49  seats majority in the Senate.

Democrats are expected to keep the House of Representative, with New York Times predicting Democrats to win over 230 seats. They needed 23 seats to regain control of the House which they lost in 2010.

More than 80 million Americans cast their votes for 535 seats in the House and 35 seats for Senators, and dozens of governors.

Trump and several Republicans have described the elections as a referendum on Trump. Other key issues in the election involved immigration, health care, economy, and Russia investigation.

The elections will have significant effects over Trump’s ability to implement some of his key policies, from building a border wall to cutting taxes.

Several US media have conceded that Trump had a positive effect on Republican victory in key races such as Florida, Texas, and Missouri. Trump focused his campaign on race, immigration, border protection, and taxes. Although Democrats accused him of stoking fear and racism, it seems his strategy helped incite his base voters to come out and vote for his preferred candidates, which has helped his party to retain the Senate.

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