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Senator petitions Biya to review strategy on conflict in NW, SW

Yaoundé( National Times)-Social Democratic Front (SDF) Senator Honore Ngam has petitioned Cameroon’s President Paul Biya to review his strategy on resolving the crisis in the North West and Southwest Regions.

Ngam’s view is the content of an open letter addressed to the head of state 24hours after he took the oath of office for a new mandate.

According to the letter a copy of which The National Times read through, Ngam reminds president Biya that, the conflict in the two English speaking regions is the consequence of acrimony over the termination of the federal structure in 1972.

Ngam asserts that, the termination of the federal structure gave space for assimilation and marginalisation of Anglophones. To him, the error explains why the corporate demands of lawyers and teachers in 2016 metamorphosed into other political demands.

The senator estimates that at least 1000 persons have been killed in the two crisis-stricken Regions. He reminds the Head of State that an estimated 30.000 are refugees in Nigeria while some 1000 are under detention.

In the letter, the opposition Senator tells the president that, the military approach to solving the crisis has rather worsened the crisis. He informs the president that, a call for separatists to lay down arms  can only be productive if it’s accompanied by a comprehensive peace plan.

Such a peace plan Ngam tells Biya in his open letter must address the root causes of the crisis with a view to providing lasting solutions to the quagmire.

In his inaugural speech at the national Assembly, Biya vowed to do everything possible to end the crisis and restore peace to the two regions.

The petition of the senator is the second of an opposition member of Senate on the Anglophone Crisis. Last week, it was Senator Henry Kamadeh Gamsey of the same North West Constituency who petitioned the region’s attorney general over military excesses.

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