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Breaking News: Government sends prominent Anglophone journalist Mimi Mefo to New Bell Prison

Prominent Cameroonian journalist Mimi Mefo Takambou has been arrested by the Cameroonian government and sent to New Bell Prison in Douala, according to information posted on her Facebook page.

Mimi Mefo was arrested following an invitation for questioning from the Gendarmerie in Douala on matters related to the publication of “false information” on the ongoing Anglophone crisis and other political matters in Cameroon.

Mimi Mefo is an Anglophone journalist, Editor in Chief of English Service at EQUINOXE Television, a local TV station in Cameroon. She also runs a private-news site,

‘Our very own Mimi Mefo has been taken to New bell Prison in handcuffs. Her crime? “Les ordres viennent de Yde.” Auditioned for all of 10 mins between 14h-21h. Her case moved from the Gendarmerie to Military Tribunal It was their intention all along to arrest her. #FreeMimiMefo,” Edit Kah Walla a prominent Cameroonian female politician posted on JUMPIC.

The arrest is part of the government cracked down on critiques of Cameroon’s government authoritarian and corrupt policies, particularly the brutally killings in the Anglophone region. Mimi Mefo joins the list of several journalists to be jailed for reporting on the Anglophone crisis.


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