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Separatists threaten Anglophone Lawyers to boycott Cameroon’s Bar elections

Kumba(National Times)-Activists in support of a separate State for Cameroon’s English speaking Regions of the North West and South West have launched threats to frustrate the participation of lawyers of Anglophone extraction at the Bar Elective General Assembly billed for Douala on November 24.

The separatist agents have surfaced on different media platforms with write-ups, videos and audio clips threatening mayhem on any lawyer from the troubled-hit Regions that will participate in the said elections.

Despite the surge of threats, the momentum ahead of the gathering of lawyers that is expected to produce a new leadership remains high.

Members of the Cameroon Bar would have met in Buea in 2017 for the same purpose, but the deadly twist of the Anglophone Crisis tainted their agenda.

In the early days of the current Crisis, the lawyers at one time converged on Kumba and announced the creation of a Common Law Lawyers Bar Association. Yet, that seems to have been a mere political declaration as nothing has been heard about such since then.

When the Lawyers will converge on Douala this  November 24, the position of the President of the General Assembly of the Bar and that that of the President of the Bar Council will be up for contest.

Barrister Nicodemus Halle, a peace crusader, has since announced that he will not be seeking re-election as President of the General Assembly.

On the other hand, Barrister Jackson Ngnie Kamga Francis, incumbent President of the Bar Council will be seeking for another mandate to succeed himself.

Kamga’s main challenger at the elections is Barrister Patie Tchakounte Charles. Tchakounte lost to Kamga by a slim margin in the January 31, 2015 elections staged in Yaoundé.

Barrister Phillippe Memong, Scribe of the Bar Council on October 22, issued a release disclosing those who have applied to seek election for the 15 positions available within the Bar Council. So far, at least 45 candidates have deposited their files in that regard.

Among the 45 are lawyers of Anglophone extraction practicing in the restive Anglophone Regions. There are others who however are based in the French-speaking parts of the country.

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