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US Judge Releases Prisoners After Losing Election

A US Judge in the state of Texas has freed dozens of juvenile defenders after losing election for the 313th District Court, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Judge Glenn Devlin showed up to work on Wednesday after losing election to Democrat Natalie Oakes and ‘simply asked the defendants whether they planned to kill anyone, then released nearly all of them from detention’.

Harris County Juvenile Court (Harris County Juvenile Probation Department)

Judges in the US state of Texas compete in partisan elections during even-numbered years. The state holds primary elections, runoff elections and general elections. Democrats trumped the Republican candidate in the recent November elections, by at least 10 points spread.

Alex Bunin, Harris County’s chief public defender, Glenn wanted to show his dismay at voters election of Democrats into 59 local courts.

‘I’m not sure that I can wrap my arms around what he’s actually doing,” he told FOX News. “It’s a huge change and the only thing that has happened is that he was not elected so I don’t know what to attribute it to other than that.’


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