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Supreme State Audit Grills Public Office Holders As Cabinet Shake-Up Looms

Yaoundé (National Times)-Cameroon’s Supreme State Audit Office known by its French Acronym CONSUPE is currently grilling at least 30 high profile public office holders across the country in relation to financial indecency as President Biya is expected to announce a new cabinet any time soon.

The exercise expected to end on November 30,2018, is likely to have an impact on the choice of Ministers and Directors of State Corporations that Biya will appoint whenever he so decides.

At least 30 holders of public offices comprising Ministers, General Managers of State Corporations, Mayors and other vote holders have been summoned to appear before the Finance and Disciplinary Board of CONSUPE.

The National Times gathered that the four-day exercise will span from November 27 to 30. State Controllers within the Commission will cross examine the concerned whose names have not been made public yet on their management of finances placed at their disposal.

CONSUPE placed under the direct control of Cameroon’s Presidency has the duty of tracking the management of State funds in 375 Councils, 150 Public Administrative Establishments, 35 Diplomatic Missions and 71 Public Administrations.

However, the findings of the grilling turnout to be the terms of reference put the organ under the supervision of the Head of State. Thus how far it can go in its mission is in relation to the instructions from the country’s President.

CONSUPE gets to the field for controls in public establishments after the Head of State gives a green light for it to effect certain findings. Once the findings are done, it is the prerogative of the country’s President to decide on whether or not to act.

Rose Mbah Acha Fomundam, a Magistrate by profession currently occupies the post of Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Audit. It is a daunting portfolio given that is has as mission to dig into the management of State resources and report to the powers that be.

In 2017, Acha disclosed that the CONSUPE programmes some 60 controls annually, but ends up effecting just 10 due to financial limitations. Its budgets on such have been within the neighbourhood of FCFA 600 million.

CONSUPE’s findings have far reaching consequences. For a regime which has every calibre of person in cabinet except for a former President in prison over embezzlement of public funds, one cannot rule out the possibility of more arrest in the days ahead if the President so decides based on facts.

The Biya regime has been resolute to redeem Cameroon’s image as one of the world’s most corrupt nation. Thus besides CONSUPE, there is the National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC) popularly known as CONAC in French.

CONAC has commissions in almost every Ministerial department and State Corporation, yet corruption remains a bane in Cameroon. There is also the National Financial Investigation Agency known as ANIF in French.

For now, all eyes are focused on the President’s first strong changes as he begins this new seven year mandate tagged ‘Greater Opportunities’.


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