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IATA suspends Camair-Co license over poor safety standards

Cameroon (National Times News) – Cameroon Airlines Corporation (Camair-Co), a national state-owned corporate aviation company has been suspended for one year by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for several cases of non-compliance with civil aviation operating standards, according to a note from the air transport regulator received by Agence Presse Africaine (APA).

The news comes a week after Ernest Dikoum the Managing Director of Camair-Co, was appointed as the Chairman of the General Assembly of the African Airlines Association (Afraa) on November 27 in Rabat, Morocco, during the body’s 50th general meeting.

The implication of IATA suspension according to the international air transport regulator is “that all [the airlines] transactions are frozen and ticketing is not possible through IATA Accredited Agents. Agents will be advised of procedures to follow for refund of unutilized tickets that were issued for cash and paid for through BSP”.

IATA’s decision was made after more than four dozen workers at Camair-Co wrote a letter to the President of Cameroon Paul Biya expressing concerns over the lack of attention to safety and other aviation standards by Camair-Co’s administration. “In this document, which APA saw, the workers said that the last audit of renewal of the IOSA certification of Camair-Co ‘noted 76 safety gaps, whereas a previous assessment, carried out in December 2015, had found only 8 issues’”. This indicated that the company’s safety standards were worsening rather than improving.

Since its creation by a presidential degree in 2006, Camair-Co has been wreaked by mismanagement, poor customer feedback, and lack of capital among dozens of other challenges. IATA decision to suspend the airline for a year will be setback for the new director general who is struggling to rebrand and gain public trust for the failing “national star”.

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