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Lecturers Go Mute After Expiration Of 21 Days Ultimatum To Biya Over Anglophone Crisis

Buea(National Times)-Lecturers in Cameroon’s two Anglo-Saxon Universities of Bamenda (UBa) and Buea( UB) in the restive North West and South Regions of the country have remained mute after the expiration of a 21 days’ ultimatum which they issued to President Biya, urging him to resolve the ongoing Anglophone crisis else they would embark on a strike.

On November 9, 2018, the Higher Education Teachers Trade Union (SYNES) chapters of both universities converged on Buea following recent abductions and porous security situation on both campuses.

The 21 days’ ultimatum expired on November 30. One week gone into the month of December, nothing has been heard of the lecturer’s next move.

The university lecturers emerged from that meeting with a memo addressed to the Minister of Higher Education, Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo. It bore the seals of Drs Michael Lang and Nixon Takor President and Scribe of SYNES Bamenda and those of Professor James Abangma and Dr Martin Sango Ndeh occupying same capacities for SYNES in the University of Buea.

In that Memo, the lecturers arrived at four resolutions. In the first of such resolutions, the lecturers had pictured a lack of “political will of the Government to find a lasting solution to the Anglophone crisis”.

This, they said, was putting the lives of lecturers at risk.

They wrote that the insecurity on both university campuses has paralysed teaching, research and outreach activities. They disclosed in the same memo that the environment does  not permit lecturers to risk their freedom and lives.

Besides, the fourth resolution of the lecturers’ conclave is what carried the threat of going on strike if after 21 days the situation is not resolved.

They wrote that, “considering the very disturbing security situation, the General Assembly intimates the Government to find a lasting solution within 21 days beyond which the Trade Union will be forced to embark on industrial action”.

In late 2016, concerns which Common Law Lawyers and Teachers’ Trade Unions raised through similar dispatch of memos to the powers that be, is what has snowballed into an armed conflict.

It is unclear if the lecturers will initiate action in line with their memo given that since then, the security situation remains unpredictable.


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