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Soldiers Are Your Employees, SDO Tells Thousands Of Displaced Anglophones

Kumba(National Times)-Senior Civil Administrator, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Nong, serving as Prefect of Meme Division in Cameroon’s South West Region has told thousands of persons seeking refuge in the main city of Kumba that soldiers are their employees and not their bosses.

Cameroon’s Military

He was peaking at a ceremony Tuesday, December 4, 2018, dedicated to the distribution of aid to the displaced population at the Kumba Amusement Park.

The Administrator told the people that the soldiers they see in their communities are employees of the population on mission to protect lives and property.

According to the Prefect, the population has no reason to run away from security forces given that they are persons paid with tax payers’ money for the safety of the population.

The administrator noted that some people in villagers develop fright for no cause such that at the sight of a military vehicle they start running whereas no one is pursuing them.

IDPs line up to collect Biya’s gifts

Facing a crowd of over 1000 persons beyond the number expected to benefit from the aid, the Government official said, more goods will be sent to his administrative unit.

He told the people that the goods put at their disposal were donations from President Biya.

The Prefect challenged the people to return to their communities and advise their kiths and kin to drop their arms and be reintegrated into society.

The Prefect spurred the people into celebration that actions will be taken to address their challenges.

While the occasion went underway, hundreds of more displaced people kept streaming into the venue eager to get some form of support.

The National Times gathered that the goods made available Tuesday were initially planned for 240 persons.

Items to IDPs

Ntou’ou Ndong’s advice for people not to be afraid of the military sounds different from popular perception since the Anglophone Crisis went deadly.

The image of Cameroon’s security forces in the two troubled Regions has suffered damage owing to persistent accusations of excesses.

Gov’t gifts to IDPs

Though most State officials and the military high command has vindicated the forces of wrong doing, civil society organisations and a cross section of the population holds a contrary view.


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