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Will Biya Send ‘Sick’ Senate President On Retirement In 2019?

Yaounde (National Times)-Cameroon’s Senate President and Constitutional successor to the office of the President, Marcel Niat Njifenji, has not been in the best of health for over two months.

Niat surfaced in public view in the nation’s political capital Yaoundé on Tuesday, December 4, 2018, after a spell in a medical facility in France.

Throughout the period of his absence, the second in command in terms of State protocol missed out on the campaigns for the October Presidential election.

He was also absent on November 6 when President Biya took the oath of office for the eighth time.

In the just ended session of Senate, it was rather the senior Vice President of the Senate who presided over affairs at the Upper Chambers of Parliament.

Throughout the two months of medical attention, Niat only succeeded in emerging at a polling station in France to cast his vote on October 7.This alone generated debates with opposition candidates raising the worry before the Constitutional Council.

With the physical outlook of the Senate boss given his age and strength, pundits suggest that it could be signals for Biya to put this long time ally of his on retirement.

Niat and Biya are known to have been within the corridors of power for decades. Many see the handwriting on the wall as indicating that the Senate President needs rest.

Even before his return to the country this week, rumour mongers went wild spreading information that the Senate President had passed on.

Given the politics within the ruling CPDM party, many predict that only Biya can decide on a possible replacement. If such were to happen then 2019 will be the time for such action.


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