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UNVDA Holds Board Meeting In Yaoude As Insecurity Threatens Rice Production

Yaoundé (National Times)-Cameroon’s Upper Nun Development Authority (UNVDA) with base in the North West Region has held its 55th Board meeting for the first time out of the Region in Yaoundé owing to security challenges that is stifling its production of rice its major crop.

During the meeting, the UNVDA Board examined the record of the corporation’s activities in 2018 and set a budget for 2019. The Board resolved that the UNVDA will forge ahead with its State-assigned missions despite the lingering challenges.

In an interview granted the state broadcaster CRTV, the General Manager of UNVDA, Eric Akonuy,  said the current sociopolitical pressures in the North West Region has slowed the pace of activities.

Akonyuy said within this same period in 2017, the UNVDA had produced at least 2000 tons of rice. He said this 2018, the corporation is still within the neighbourhood of 1000 tons of rice production.

The UNVDA GM said some of the major challenges facing the corporation now it’s the inability to harvest the rice on the farms. He disclosed that, gunmen have blocked road paths on the farms making it difficult for farmers to harvest the produce.

UNVDA has of recent received enormous attention from the state of Cameroon to stimulate rice production. Some of the outstanding state intervention involved the provision of FCFA 248 million for the reconstruction of a warehouse that collapsed. Government equally made available over FCFA 500million for the development of the Bamunka and Babungo rice fields.

The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) estimates that, Cameroon imports at least 400.000 tons of clean rice annually.


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