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Association Of Football Clubs Castigates Sister Association For Suing CAF

Yaoundé (National Times)-The Cameroon Union of Amateur Football Clubs, known by its French acronym (UCCAF) has castigated the decision of a sister grouping, the Cameroon Association of Amateur Football Clubs abbreviated in French as (ACFAC) for suing the Confederation of African Football (CAF) at the Court for Arbitration for Sports (CAS) over a November 30 decision stripping the nation of the hosting rights of the 2019 African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

UCCAF’s reaction is in relation to a decision which the ACFAC Executive Bureau arrived at and made public in a release on December 27 after a meeting in Yaoundé announcing legal action against CAF.

On December 28UCCAF’s President, Balock John, issued a release castigating the decision of ACFAC to sue CAF. Balock writes that UCCAF ‘vigorously denounces ‘ the action from the sister grouping of amateur football clubs.

According to Balock, the ACFAC decision ‘radically’ opposes the position of the Government of Cameroon which is privileged to dialogue and concert with CAF.

Balock argues in the public communiqué that ACFAC is not a member of CAF and its action puts to peril the relationship between Cameroon and FIFA, CAF and FECAFOOT.

The release asserts that, UCCAF as a major football stakeholder in the country with a majority of football clubs; as witness of the outcome of FECAFOOT elections at the Divisional, Regional and National level remains in solidarity with the Biya government and the new FECAFOOT executive bureau to best prepare Cameroon for an AFCON and other competitions that will come in future.

UCCAF alerts its members which its President claims in the release are “numerous” to remain united and guard against what the release describes as “diverse destabilisation and manoeuvres   initiated by a known minority factions”.

The new twist leaves watchers of the fireworks over Cameroon’s loss of the hosting rights of Africa’s most coveted football fiesta in confusion.

When ACFAC first fired its salvo at CAF not only over the loss of the hosting rights but also challenging the expansion in the number of  participating teams from 16 to 24, many thought it was the government working from behind the scenes.

Today, the twists and turns are becoming complex with UCCAF backing government seems option of diplomacy. Worthy of note is that while ACFAC is headquartered in Yaoundé the nation’s political capital, UCCAF is headquartered in Douala the economic engine room of Cameroon.


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