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Members Of Dion Ngute-Led Gov’t Take Office In Yaoundé

Yaoundé (National Times)-All 16 members of the Dion Ngute-led Government have officially been Commission into their functions.

They were commission on Monday, January 7, 2018 in series of marathon installation ceremonies conducted by the new Prime Minister.

The rites were launched by the handing over ceremony between outgoing Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, and incoming Joseph Dion Ngute.

As early as 7:30 am, Yang who had made it a tradition of going to work very early was already at the Star Building waiting for his successor who was announced for 9:00 am.

The brief ceremony was relaxed and involved the outgoing Star Building boss introducing the incoming to his closest collaborators.

By 10:00am, the new Head of Government was at the Ministerial building no. 2 which houses about three Ministries. Dion Ngute reinstalled Fame Ndongo, who was elevated from the rank of a Minister to a Minister of State in the same function. He later on moved next door where he installed Henri Eyebe Ayissi as the new boss of the Ministry of State Property and Land Tenure.

With official escort and security already in place, Dion Ngute was able to go through about 12 Ministerial buildings were he installed one Minister of State, 12 Ministers, two Minister Delegates and one Secretary of State.

The relax atmosphere at between the incoming and outgoing PMs

The ceremonies were very brief and in each stop, Dion Ngute reminded the incoming of the need for collaboration and efficiency in the Government of Greater Opportunities as announced by Paul Biya.

At each ceremony, there were family members in their numbers as well as dance groups from the Regions and ethnic group of origin of the main celebrant.

CPDM members were also conspicuously present at every stop some of whom had travelled even from areas hard-hit by the on-going conflict in the Anglophone Regions.

Dion Ngute would be the 8th Prime Minister used by Paul Biya in his 36 years at the helm of the State and his Government is the 44th formed by the President.

It is to be noted that the installation ceremonies did not involve those appointed to serve at the Presidency which is usually off limit to every Prime Minister.



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