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Minister Momo De Dieu Drums Support For Biya, Says Regime Will Not Change In 200 Years

Yaoundé (National Times)-Cameroon’s newly appointed Minister Delegate to the Ministry of Justice, Barrister Jean De Dieu Momo, has urged his countrymen to support President Biya to build a strong country, asserting that the regime will not change even in 200 years.

Momo’s reaction surfaced as he faced the press Monday, January 7, shortly after his installation.

The man of law once a Biya critic said it was time for all to join hands to support the Head of State to build a strong Cameroon.

He averred that those who have been criticising him since he took the decision to support President Biya in the October 7 Presidential election have to understand that it is time they put hands on deck to support the regime.

The renowned man of law recalled that the current regime is an offshoot of the Cameroon that started since 1960. According to him, it is clear that even in 200 years to come, the regime will still be around reason a united front is needed to build the country.

Minister Jean De Dieu said he remains happy and committed to serve his country.

Momo once an opposition politician and leader of the PADDEC party has been an outstanding critic of the regime. He was a candidate at the2011 Presidential elections. In the heat of the October 2018 Presidential election, he threw his weight behind candidate Biya within the context of a group of 19 other political parties that did same. The coalition became known as G20.

Momo was widely accused of collecting bribe to support Biya, but he maintained that his hands were clean. Thus his appointment on January 4 as Minister Delegate to the Ministry of Justice is seen as a compensation for his change of political stand.

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