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President Biya address Northwest and Southwest through a tweet

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has used his twitter account to transmit to the public his keen interest in the ongoing Anglophone conflict.

In a tweet posted on his official twitter account on Tuesday, 8th January, the president said, “I stated and I reaffirm my deepest concern for the populations of these two regions (North-West and South-West). I am very sensitive to their worries about their safety and their aspirations for a return to calm and normal social life”.

The tweet comes as criticism mount on the 86 years-old President over his indifference in light of abuses by security and secessionist forces in Cameroon’s two Anglophone regions.

President Biya has not visited both regions since the conflict started in 2016. He has hardly directly address the crisis, often using cryptic promises to tell the rebel fighters that his government is bent on using military force to clamp-down on the activities.



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