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Kah Walla Advices ‘Crying’ Opposition Parties To Boycott 2019 Legislative, Municipal Elections

Douala(National Times)-The National Chairperson of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP), Edith Kah Walla has warned opposition parties taking part in the upcoming Municipal and Parliamentary elections not to partake in the elections and start complaining after, since the same laws which robbed them of their victory in the October 7, 2018 Presidential polls are still in place.

According to her, there is no need taking part in an election when the winner is already known in advanced. While speaking over Equinoxe television, Kah Walla said the CPDM and the Biya regime have hijacked the political system in Cameroon and no party can ever defeat them with the present system and laws.

According to her, election in Cameroon is a waste of time and resources. She said all those controlling the elections and declaring the results are appointees of Paul Biya and it is impossible that they go against their master who gave them the job.

She likened the situation to a football match between Cameroon and Ivory Coast. She said if both teams have to play and all the match officials including referees, delegates, organisers are from Ivory Coast, no Cameroonian would allow their country to take part in such a match which by default is already won by the host.

The business woman turned politician warned these parties vying for seats in the next election not to complain after because they have already been defeated by the CPDM which controls everything including the Judges who are to entertain electoral litigations.

According to her, the last October 7 Presidential election exposed how Biya and the system have hijacked the entire process and no outsider can ever unseat them.

Kah Walla added that it would be disrespectful for opposition parties to take part in elections which they know other Cameroonians in the North West and South West Regions cannot also exercise their civic rights.

While a place like Edea would be chosing its Mayor, Mamfe would not vote, she said. She argued that the priority of the nation and opposition parties should be the peaceful end of the war in the Anglophone Regions and a revision of the electoral laws and system in Cameroon.

Parliamentary and Council elections which were to take place last June 2018 were postponed by 12 months.

Everything being equal, these elections would be held this June but the big question is whether those in the conflict-plagued Anglophone Regions would be able to choose their local and parliamentary representatives.


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