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Government Releases FCFA 1.2 Billion Salaries owed to PAMOL Workers

Ekondo-Titi (National Times) – The new government of Chief Dion Ngute, in one of his first measures since taking office, has disburse 7 months of salaries owed to PAMOL staff due to the ongoing Anglophone crisis, National Times has learnt.

National Times learnt that the government has released FCFA 1.2 billion, 7 months of salaries owed to PAMOL workers as part of a set of measures taken to transform the agro-industrial palm oil producer.

PAMOL’s Management and the Government of Cameroon are also discussing about the funding a soap and oil processing factory. The FCFA 14 billion investment is expected to be made before the end of the year.

PAMOL is a large agro-industrial company that grows oil palms in Lobe and rubber in Bai, in the South West region of Cameroon. The company manages over 10,300 hectares of land, and the Cameroonian government is its largest shareholder (79%).

Operations at the company have been significantly affected by the going Anglophone crisis. A source at the company told National Times that the company has lost over FCFA 2.4 billion of revenue and lost working hours due to the current crisis. As security measures improve in the region, the government expects workers to return to work, and begin a long promised transformation of the company.


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