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Ghost Shuts Down Anglophone Regions As Separatist Leaders Appear Before Military Tribunal

Kumba(National Times)-Life was at a standstill across Cameroon’s restive North West and South West Regions on Thursday, January 10,2019, as the trial of Anglophone Separatist Leaders resumed for the first time in 2019 at the Yaoundé Military Tribunal.

Human activity across major towns and cities was stagnant. Millions spent the entire day indoors while shops and major cities were deserted.

In Bamenda, in the North West and Buea, Kumba, Mamfe Muyuka and other cities in the South West, an atmosphere of fear frustrated human engagements.

The ghost scenes across the two English-speaking Regions were the outcomes of a threat on the population to honour the Anglophone leaders.

Before Thursday’s lockdown across the Regions, cities such as Bamenda have been experiencing same since Monday, January 7.

The population has been indoors as threats from unknown gunmen grounded businesses.

Interurban transport services have been subjected to attacks since Monday. Risky road axis such as the Kumba-Buea-Douala Road corridor have seen at least three vehicles set ablaze.

On this day, movement of bikes and vehicles even from one village to another was prohibited in line with separatists instructions.

Such shocks that emerged at the beginning of the week have seemingly strengthened the fear effect on the population. Even streets in the neighbourhoods are void of human movements in some of these cities.

At nightfall Wednesday, sporadic gunshots were heard in the Buea road neighbourhood of Kumba. The sounds of gunshots silenced the busy road corridor known to host popular drinking spots, makeshift cosmetic stores and other petit traders. Minutes after the gunshots, the population dispersed leaving the streets empty.

The phenomenon of civil disobedience each time incarcerated Ambazonia leader, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his collaborators are going to court was instituted by his successor, Samuel Ikome Sako.

Since then, gunmen have been quick to issue anonymous, audios enforcing such across the affected Regions. Paradoxically, life is expected to pick steam across the two Regions today, Friday January 11.


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