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Limbe Based Company Shortlisted for Lucrative Towing Rights at the Douala Seaport

The Douala Seaport Authority (PAD) have shortlisted a Limbe based company for the rights to tow shipments at the Douala Seaport, Cameroon’s largest seaport.

Top Cameroonian online news agency reported that “Four companies have just been short-listed by the Douala Autonomous Port Authority (PAD), with a view to awarding the concession contract for the vessel towing activity on the platform”, and among the four companies is Fako Transporting and Shipping Company which has its headquarters in Limbe.

Fako Transport and Shipping Company Limited was established in 1990 in Limbe, Cameroon and has branches in Limbe and Douala. The company is famous for cutting-edge technology and top-quality services. Its services include, Sea shipping importing, exporting, Air shipping importing/exporting, Land transportation and transit to Chad and Central African Republic, among others.

Commentators belief the company deserves the contracts. One commentator said “Fako Ship is a Cameroonian company that has been proven for years at the Cap Limboh Oil Terminal (Sonara)”. Another commentator noted that “If they make a better offer you have to offer them the contract”.

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