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China Cancels Cameroon’s Debts 9 Days After Biya’s Active Economic Engagement Promise

Cameroon (National Times)-The Chinese Government has announced the cancellation of debts owed her by the Government of Cameroon amounting to FCFA thousands of billions.

Yang Jiechi,  special envoy of Chinese President XI Jing Ping, disclosed the decision to President Biya, Friday January 18, during an audience at the unity palace.

Biya and Ping

The decision comes exactly nine days after President Paul Biya announced his intentions to engage an active policy of economic engagement with China.

It was one of the key pronouncements which Biya made to the diplomatic world on January 9, while receiving New Year wishes.

“We will pursue an active policy of economic cooperation with China where I visited last March on a State visit and in September to attend the Sino-African Cooperation Forum. This visits have confirmed the important participation of this great friendly country in our development,” Biya told diplomats.

Yang Jiechi, senior member of the Chinese Communist Party, touched down on Cameroonian soil in the early hours of Friday. In the afternoon of same day, he we was received at the unity palace where the debt cancellation was announced.

The former Chinese diplomat had exchanges with President Paul Biya for close to 75 minutes.

Thereafter, the Prime Minister and Head of Government Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute offered a diner in honour of the Chinese official in the evening hours at the Hilton Hotel Yaoundé.

Yang Jiechi left Cameroon early Saturday on board a private plane after the end of his two days mission to Cameroon.  China in recent years has been imposing herself as Cameroon’s top business partner. In 2016, bilateral trade between the two countries hit FCFA 1510 billion.


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