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No Amount Of Money Can Rescue CDC Without Security Assurance, GM Insists

Limbe(National Times)-The pride of Anglophone Cameroon, the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) is fast collapsing if nothing is done to resolve the situation caused by the on-going Crisis rocking the two English-speaking Regions of Cameroon.

The sickening situation of CDC, forced the General Manager, Frankline Njie, to grant a press conference over the weekend in the corporation’s head office in Bota, Limbe South West Region.

During the press conference, Frankline Njie begged Anglophone Cameroonians to protect the company, which he described as their own heritage.

He insisted that no amount of money can save CDC if it is not protected by the people and security forces.

“No amount of money can put CDC on tracks if there is no security assurance for the various farm workers. The Palm estates in Boa in Iluani are no longer under the control of CDC. Even the offices and houses of managers, workers are occupied by non CDC persons”.

The GM added that “what is even worse there is that portion of the plantation is being hired out for exploitation by a third party”.

The Cameroon Development Corporation, which is second employer after the State is the most affected as the Anglophone Crisis lingers on.

“We cannot pretend to say that we did not see that CDC was the target, fellow Anglophones have told lies against the CDC that is why it is constantly under attack.

Most of the workers from different part of the South West Region have abandoned the plantations due to threats, others have been beaten, killed and some fingers chopped-off by unidentified gunmen believed to be members of the pro-independence fighters.

The current crisis has led to huge financial; material loses for the corporation as many workers have now become internally displaced.”

According to the General Manager, the corporation was hoping to restart it activities beginning January 2019, but the threats have intensified as the days go by.

“By the time this year begins; we should be back in our plantations unfortunately that drive was confronted by heavy threats from unknown gunmen. The workers who braved it and went to the field were not only attacked in the plantations, but were visited in their residence late around 11:00pm”, he added.

Njie further revealed that the corporation has gone into partnership with the military to protect its workers and plantations.

“The corporation collaborated with the security forces and stationed the forces in every plantation, but the security posts were overrun by those fighting. Mbonge II fell prey and three soldiers were killed on May 2, 2018, and everybody had to escape”, the GM stated.

In most of the estates, the workers have abandoned work; the crops such as banana, rubber, palm now have been overgrown by grass. Other structure of the corporation has been vandalised and some burnt down.

It should be noted that more than 12,000 workers are now jobless with the remaining 7000 still struggling to make ends meet.

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