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Conflict In Cameroon May Worsen Corruption Levels In Cameroon

National Times – Military conflicts in the North and Southwestern parts of Cameroon have already damaged the country’s economy and security, and according to new analysis from Transparency International, these conflicts exacerbate the already disturbing levels of corruption in Cameroon.

In a recent report released by Transparency International, the international organization involved in monitoring and combating corruption around the world has warned that conflict spurs corruption, and the most corrupt countries are also countries that have recently experienced civil wars or are still in civil wars.

With Cameroon going through five different conflicts, it is perceived that these conflicts will actually allow more corruption in the country. Cameroon is fighting Boko Haram Insurgents in the North, Anglophone secessionists in the South Western part, and animal and farm raiders in the East and North Eastern parts of the country.

According to Transparency International “conflict can create a breeding ground for new forms of corruption. Increased pressure on the supply of resources and massive instability can both be exploited for personal gain. These corruption patterns can remain in place after the war is over, further hampering peace-building, reconstruction and development.

“Corruption opportunities often abound once the fighting has stopped, as inflows of foreign aid, or new opportunities to exploit natural resources, are combined with weak rule of law. This is further exacerbated by the absence of actors fostering transparency and accountability, such as the media and civil society” the agency added.

Cameroon is ranked 152 in a new Transparency International Index, worst that Nigeria (144).


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