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Jean De Dieu Momo’s Exact Statement That Sparked Diplomatic Feud Between Cameroon, Israel

Cameroon (National Times)-Just one month after his appointment as Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice, Jean de Dieu Momo is already creating a serious diplomatic feud between Cameroon and one of its strongest allies, Israel.

In a recent interview over the National Television, CRTV, the Lawyer turned politician said Hitler and his Nazi party took the decision to gas the Jews because of their riches and arrogant nature, which had cause frustration within the German population.

The Israeli Embassy in Yaoundé castigated Momo’s speech and called it “anti-Semitism.” According to the Embassy, Momo’s discourse is a justification of the heinous crimes committed on the Jewish people and a spoiler in the Cameroon-Israeli relations.

Moreover, the Embassy regretted that it is coming just one week after the world and Cameroon celebrated the International Day of Holocaust Remembrance. “This anti-Semitic response which comes just one week after the world and Cameroon participated in the commemoration of the International Day for Holocaust Remembrance constitute a great deception in the bilateral and friendly relations which exists between Cameroon and Israel,” the Embassy said.

Without specifically calling the name of the Minister, the Embassy said Israel has been supporting Cameroon at all levels and it was regrettable that a top Government official was making such pronouncements. While strongly condemning the message of Jean de Dieu Momo, the Embassy went further to demand for immediate apology and sanctions to be followed suite.

In the meantime, the Government of Cameroon is yet to react or present the demanded apology or sanction Jean de Dieu Momo. Israel is one of Cameroon’s strategic partners especially in matters of defence and security. It trains Cameroon’s elite military unit, the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) and helps Cameroon in the mechanisation of its agriculture among others.

Only time would tell whether Paul Biya would sacrifice Momo who has become one of his most vocal supporters overnight for stability in the Cameroon-Israeli relations given the heavy dependence on the latter especially in matters of defence and security.


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