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Former Indomitable Lions Player Abducted, Freed

Kumba (National Times)-The release has been confirmed of former indomitable  lions player Victor Ndip Akem from the unknown after  gunmen kidnapped him  within the vicinity of the Mile I neighbourhood of Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon in the evening hours of  Friday February 8.

Ndip was reportedly abducted as  he went about a social function within the Mile I one neighbourhood.  Sources say it was a birthday party within the  same neighbourhood that the retired footballer was part of.

Accounts hold that, security forces on patrol recognised  the  hero of the 1990 world cup squad of Cameroon’s national football team an decided to greet him.

Reports hold that, shortly after the exchange of pleasantries, the uniform men left and the organizer of the birthday party started lamenting that, Ndip has ignited a situation that could foment trouble.

Minutes after, unknown gunmen suspected to be separatists’ footmen are said to have surfaced and kidnapped the ace footballer on accusations that, he was a friend to the security forces. The National Times gleaned that, hours after the incident, the sportsman was later freed.

Ndip in his hey days as national team player

It is unclear if his freedom came at a cost like those of others who have paid ransoms to gunmen before regaining freedom since the Anglophone crisis went deadly.

Ndip participated at the World Cup in 1990 and 1994. He also played for clubs such as Canon of Yaounde,and Olympic of Mvolye. He is based in Kumba and member of a veteran football team known as ‘ Kumba Station Veterans cum Central Veterans’. However, frequent national assignments will keep him out of Kumba for some brief periods.Many have been victims of abductions over allegations that they have links to forces of law and order.


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