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Fatigue Across NW, SW As Biya Addresses Youths Today

Yaounde (National Times)-A tepid atmosphere reigns across the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon hours away from a traditional speech of the head of State Paul Biya expected to address the concerns of youths this Sunday February 10.

Aside the youths, a cross section of the population in the regions reeling from the consequences of the armed conflict The National Times interviewed said, they are weary expecting some magic wand from the father of the nation to end the crisis.

On December 31st , 2018, the anxiety across the two Regions was high as many expected the president to make a major pronouncement that could end the crisis. That address came with a threat on separatists’ fighters to disarm or face the wrath of the security forces.

Thus 42 days gone into the New Year, the pain across the regions remains on the rise. Many are those who say the chances of anything dramatic that would better their lot from the president are very slim.

Timothy Itoe a youth entrepreneur whose enterprise has been rendered moribund given the current Anglophone crisis told The National Times that, the president needs to do more to improve the living conditions of Cameroonians.

“ on a personal note  I don’t expect anything new from the president’s speech but if I must say anything then our president needs to be told that, youths are really suffering in this country. My enterprise has phased out because of this useless war which I think the president can end … he should do something”. Itoe stated.

Another youth Raymond Mbah  based in Bamenda, the capital of the restive North West Region said his concern is the number of youths dying on a regular basis.

“ The president needs to end the war in the two Regions. From January till now the number of youths dying on a daily basis is alarming. So I think those in the diaspora and the president should be told to do something”. Mbah stated.

Across the two regions, people are talking less about the president’s address that will be coming up this evening at 8PM. Most families are rather concerned with measures to survive the separatists’ lockdown that has placed millions in difficulty.

Thousands of people such as these are in despair across the North West, South West Regions of Cameroon

As president Biya appear on television screens and the air waves of the state radio, his voice will be echoing into English speaking regions in total disarray. The two years plus of no school, wobbling business environment, rising deaths, thousands displaced,  regular gun battles, limited or no access to health services and a bleak future for many.

These challenges that have lingered on longer than expected continue to burden the population thus taking their interest away from presidential discourse that are rather seen as being made for political reasons.

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