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Woman Chosen As New Paramount Ruler Of The Batangas

Kribi (National Times)-A woman Gaelle Michelle Mahouve, magistrate by profession has been selected as the new paramount ruler of the Batanga people in the Ocean Division, South Region of Cameroon.  She was selected to succeed her father on Saturday February 9 during the funeral ceremony of her parents staged in Mboa Manga  village in Kribi.

The new paramount ruler’s selection comes in replacement of the father also a magistrate by profession Michel Mahouve III. The king died during a road accident on January 2, 2019 along the Yaounde –Edea stretch of road alongside his wife Julien Mahouve a teacher by profession.

At the end of the traditional burial rites Saturday, the kingmakers chosed  Gaelle as the new Queen of the Batanga People.

It came on the heels of a funeral ceremony staged same day which saw the attendance of people from all walks  of life. Among the dignitaries at the funeral were traditional rulers from across Cameroon, cabinet ministers, magistrates, lawyers  and other acquaintances of the deceased couple.

Cameroon’s minister Delegate in  the Ministry of Justice , Jean De Dieu Momo represented the government at the funeral. The minister decorated the top magistrate posthumously.

late King Mahouve and Wife

Justice Galega Produdence classmate to the deceased magistrate cum traditional ruler told reporters at the funeral that, King Mahouve had reached a level of his career when he was expected to achieve more. Galega described the deceased as a man of humility.

Immediate Past president of the normalization committee of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) Barrister Dieudonne Happi recollected memories of the deceased judge as a professional of exceptional class. Happi said in his over 35 years as an advocate, magistrates with the character of the deceased king are rare.

Scores of women from church groups on their part mourned the deceased Queen stating that, she had groomed a society void of discrimination during her time on earth.



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