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Five Youngsters Massacred in Ekona Hours to Youth Day

Muyuka (National Times)-At least five youths have died under controversial circumstances not unconnected to the war against separatists in the locality of Ekona, Muyuka Sub Division, Fako Division, South West Region of Cameroon.

News of the incident still clouded in controversy emerged in the afternoon hours of Sunday February 10. The gruesome killings for whom no one has claimed responsibility comes hours to the Celebration of the 53rd edition of the National Youth Day on Monday February 11.

In the face of the development void of any coherent narratives, videos have emerged of the lifeless bodies of five youths piled in two hand trucks. The corpses look fresh indicating that, the individuals were shot not long ago with blood still oozing out from shattered body parts.

In one of the videos which The National Times stumbled on, an anonymous voice is over heard accusing security forces of having committees the killings. The voice claims those shot are “unarmed innocent civilians”. The voice states further that, all of the deceased are in their late 20s.

The unknown author claiming to narrate what happened draws the attention of the United States and the United Nations to end  the multiple killings across English-speaking Cameroon.

However, a keen look of the corpses shows that, all of those killed are putting on blue-coloured rubber shoes popularly known as “tschang” in Cameroon. Their dressings are of different colours though.

It is unclear how the deceased found themselves within Ekona. When the National Times visited the war-ravaged locality in the  last week of January , 2019, there was no sign of life anywhere. Even domestic animals had abandoned the once buoyant small town to fate. Church buildings and beer palours beside the road are riddled with bullet holes.

In the face of these developments, separatists’ activists are already heaping accusations on security forces for committing such.

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