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Biya Admits Economy is Weak, Envisages 500,000 Jobs in 2019

Yaounde(National Times)-Cameroon’s president Paul Biya says the economic activities of the nation’s economy does not permit it to employ thousands of youths who enter the job market yearly but estimates that, some 500.000 jobs will be created in 2019.

The observation and prospection are some of the major highlights of the president’s speech to the youths delivered moments ago ahead of the 53rd National Youth Day. The celebrations will be staged tomorrow Monday February 11.

Despite admitting the challenges of solving the issue of youth unemployment, the president said, actions will be taken to ensure the creation of at least 500.000 employment opportunities this year. The same figures the president said were attained in 2018 in terms of job creation.

He said many youths have been forced to take unskilled jobs to avoid being idle. He promised to engage the government in re-launching the economy of the country.

He said forecasts indicate that, the economic growth rate of the country was at 3.8 2018 and could hit 4.4 percent in 19.

In line with arresting the canker warm of unemployment, Biya appealed to economic operators and investors within and without the country to invest in the country.



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