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Kamto Dares Biya From Prison, Slams Minister Momo, Condemns Vandalism

Yaounde (National Times)-Incarcerated opposition figure Maurice Kamto has released a an address to Cameroonian youths lambasting the Biya regime, condemning the recent attacks  on embassies abroad and deploring the outing of minister Jean De Dieu Momo on state TV that almost landed the nation in a diplomatic duel with Isreal.

The address attributed to the leader of the MRC surfaced few minutes after president Biya addressed the Youths beyond 8PM Sunday February 10 ahead of the 53rd edition of the national Youth day.

In the address, Kamto, slams the Biya regime over issues associated with politics, basic human rights, development, the abortive 2019 African Cup of Nations, AFCON among other weaknesses.

It is the first of such write ups from the renowned professor of law since his arrest and detention 14 days ago.

Kamto on Campaign trail

“On the economic front, the failure of the Growth and Employment Strategic Document, originally presented as a compass towards the emergence of our country, is further proof of the inability of the CPDM regime to provide solutions to problems faced by Cameroonians. The introduction of a 2015-2018 Triennial Emergency Plan, a Special Youth Triennial Plan, the Humanitarian Emergency Plan is a sign of an inability to strategic planning, or even economic governance through permanent tinkering.
On the security front, the legendary neglect and contempt of Mr Biya’s regime vis-à-vis the northern regions, whose populations are considered as mere stooges, has fostered the emergence of crises, including the spread of the Boko Haram terrorist threat” Kamto stated.

Biya wants to be remembered for bringing democracy to Cameroon but opposition demands more reforms

The MRC leader tasked the regime on the need for political reforms to strengthen the political space.“On the political front, the consensual reform of the electoral system, which is an imperative for the balance of democratic competition, has been proposed with the aim of settling incongruities such as the maintenance of the electoral majority at 20 years while the we are criminally responsible at the age of 18. It is really denying most of the population of our country its ability to make an informed political choice. It is as if, for the illegitimate power of Yaoundé, the maintenance of the status quo marked by an Electoral Commission and a Constitutional Council designed to remain instruments of conservation of power is more important than the balance of the political game, the only guarantee of a lasting peace” The former minister wrote further.


He asserts in the address that, his arrests alongside that of other party executives and militants should not arouse fear.

“Our incarceration at the GSO, at the State Secretariat for Defence, at the Mobile Intervention Group, at the direction of the judicial police, and the provisional detention of some of our comrades at Kondengui Central Prison, in flagrant violation of all the rules of procedure, should not arouse in you fear and anguish, but strengthen your conviction that it is necessary that the forces of change, from the entire nation, rise up against the degrading power determined to drag our country towards insignificance, uncertainty and total disintegration.”.

Commenting over the Minister Jean De Dieu Momo Affair on state TV, the detained political leader said “CRM deplores and condemns with the utmost energy the irresponsible speech of a member of the government who took on him to stigmatise with an incredible violence an ethnic group, drawing a parallel with a sad page of humanity that was the genocide of the Jewish people”

Despite opposition threats CPDM maintains lead
Minister Jean De Dieu Momo from opposition’s utterances threatened Cameroon-Isreali relations

Kamto said he supports peaceful demonstrations but “As much as I am for the free expression of political ideas, if necessary through public demonstrations, as much I object to any act of vandalism of buildings, goods and national emblems wherever they are. This is an opportunity for me to condemn, again, the violation of our diplomatic representations abroad”.

The MRC strongman concludes his address with a call for youths to use February 11 celebrations to reflect and not fall into the temptation of distractions.

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