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Cameroonians react to President Paul Biya’s 10 Feb. Speech

Yaounde (National Times) – Cameroonians have taken on social media to react to president Biya’s 10 Feb. 19 speech to youths.

In the speech president brushed several issues including the changing international environment, Cameroon’s aspirations to become an independently and self-sufficient economy, and the government’s strive to modernize the economy. The president also begged youths to join his great transformation projects. But many Cameroonians did not take the president seriously.

Decarloo Wallace wrote on the President’s wall that “You will never tell youths how they can be recruited to National Hydrocarbon Company, SONARA, CSPH SNI, SENATE, NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, ENAM IRIC EMIA. But you come to speak about recruitment into defense forces. Meaning that is what is meant for the children of the poor, these innocent cadets that you send to die in war front while elite schools are reserved for your children and those from rich families. In addition, you talk about 500 thousand jobs I wonder if it’s in dreams…shame on you”.

Sokoudjou Fortune, asked the President, “Father, in your speech you said this. ‘Youths, tomorrow’s Cameroon belongs to you’ Cameroon of today belongs to who?”

Sam Ngué describes the speech as “The speech of a lazy man who does not even know Yaoundé not to talk Cameroon”.

But at the end if what Rene Zeb said that showed how lightly Cameroonians take the President. “Le Pere, when you said the country created 500,000, at that point I shutdown the TV and went to watch porn”.


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