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Biya Snubs Raging Conflict In Anglophone Regions In Message To Youths

Yaoundé(National Times)-Despite the prominence of the current war in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon, President Paul Biya, Sunday, February 10, carefully avoided to make mention of the situation in his traditional message to youths.

In the close to 17 minutes message essentially dedicated to the aspirations of the Cameroonian youths, the 86-year-old President only made mention of “security challenges” without venturing on them.

Even though the message was addressed to the youths, Biya took a national angle and refrained from touching on specific issues plaguing the lives of the Cameroonian youths.

His message was entirely on employment, social media and election. Without calling particular names and situations, Paul Biya however addressed a message to “political activists” and said their social media crusade is “irresponsible” and violates democratic principles and the law.” He enjoined them to see elections as the only way of effecting changes.

With the upsurge of violence in Anglophone Cameroon many youths have wanted to see the President addressed the ongoing war which has displaced hundreds of thousands and killed thousands.

However, the President carefully avoided it and made it not to look like a national issue.

In recent times even diplomatic missions and Governments have been reacting to the ongoing conflict with some including the United States Government already becoming hard on the Cameroon Government.

In its latest publication, the Government of the United Kingdom has strictly advised its nationals to avoid going to any part of the North West Region and also the entire South West Region except Limbe which it says can be visited by its national only where very necessary.

Even though the majority of those who have been killed from both sides are youths and even the bulk of the separatists fighting force, Paul Biya has deemed it necessary to pocket the conflict and solve it his way.

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