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Bamileke Chiefs, Notables Abort Planned Visit To Yaoundé After Minister Momo’s Anti-Semitic Utterances

Bafoussam(National Times)-A planned visit to the Ministry of Justice by some Notables, Chiefs and Royalties from the West Region of Cameroon was cancelled last week following the diplomatic uproar, generated by the anti-Semitic speech against the Jews and the hate speech against the Bamileke by Minister Jean de Dieu Momo

Minister Momo made such utterances during an interview over national television.

According to our sources, everything had been finalised for the visit but with the worldwide condemnation which followed their boss’ remarks over CRTV, the visit was quietly put on hold without any official reason.

We are told that the main aim of the visit to the Ministry was to commune with Jean de Dieu Momo who is the new Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice.

The Bamileke Royalties from the Western Region of the country were also to bless their son, Momo as well as reaffirm their support to Paul Biya for appointing their son to such a position.

Momo was also supposed to be hailed and as a tradition, the traditional rulers from the West were supposed to leave with some handsome financial bounty from Momo. It was a moment of celebrating their son, Momo, we are told.

However, when the Israeli Embassy in Yaoundé made the announcements demanding for an apology from the Government of Cameroon after the interview, the eyes of everybody were opened and a barrage of insults started streaming in against Jean de Dieu Momo who was the chief architect of the anti-Semitic remarks and hate speech.

An official told us that it was then impossible to celebrate a man who had become a problem to the regime to the extent that it was about losing one of its greatest allies, Israel.

Moreover, Momo’s pronouncements during CRTV’s Actualité Hebdo were also an insult to the very Bamileke people we are told and it was impossible for the traditional rulers to hail a man who has ‘insulted’ the Bamileke people.

Based on this, an official who was concerned with the preparation informed The National Times that the visit was cancelled and they don’t know when or whether the visit would take place seeing the tense situation.

He said since then the opposition leader turned Biyaiste has entered his shield and was only seen in public during the burial of the Magistrate Mahouve and wife who died in a fatal motor accident on January 2.

The late Magistrate was the Chief of the Batanga people in Kribi and also a Director in the Central Services of the Ministry of Justice. Jean de Dieu Momo represented the Minister, Laurent Esso.

It is to be noted that during CRTV’s Actualité Hebdo aired on Sunday, February 3, 2019, Momo justified the Jewish holocaust and argued that Jews were too rich and arrogant which is why Hitler killed them.

He warned Kamto and the Bamilekes not to oppose the Biya regime as a similar verdict awaits them. His comments have created a serious diplomatic conflict between Israel and Cameroon and though CRTV invited him in his capacity as Government Minister, Communication Minister and Government Spokesperson, Rene Sadi said Momo was speaking in a ‘personal’ capacity.

Moreover, many Cameroonians have also asked the Government to tender an apology to the Bamileke and dismiss Momo from the Government.


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