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Failed Arson Attack Staged On Another Kumba Hospital

Kumba(National Times)-Yet to be identified individuals attempted setting fire on another public health facility in Kumba, Meme Division South West Region of Cameroon in the night of  Monday  breaking Tuesday February 12  less than 24 hours after the arson on the District Hospital of the metropolis which left four persons death.

The attackers attempted setting fire on the PMI Hospital Located behind the Grand Stand on the Commercial Hub of the city. Sources told The National Times that, the fire was set from the maternity ward of the community health facility.

maternity veranda disfigured by fire

It is unclear why and how the fire failed to pick steam or was quenched. Flames of fire have disfigured  the tiles of the maternity veranda  and a pillar of the  building. In the early hours of Tuesday, security officers were already on duty to guard the facility.

Cameroon’s Communication Minsiter Rene Emmanuel Sadi in a statement Monday said, patients affected in the attack on the main  health facility will be relocated to other hospitals in Kumba. The PMI too is among the most solicited health facilities in Kumba.

Official government statistics put Kumba’s population at 150.000 as per the 2005 census. Yet past and present municipal authorities have challenged the figures repeatedly claiming that, as far back as 1998, Kumba boast of at least 800.000 inhabitants.

The mayors  have used every public meeting to castigate the figures of the 2005 census on grounds that, the city has not suffered from any disaster that would have reduced its population.

This is surfacing at a time when South West Governor Bernard OkalIa Bilia is expected in Kumba today to visit the  burnt district hospital.



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