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Kamto Joins Sisiku Ayuk Tabe In Kondengui On Biya’s 86th Birthday

Yaounde (National Times)-Professor Maurice Kamto, leader of the Cameroon Renaisance Movement, CRM opposition party has arrived the country’s Kondengui Maximum Security Prison in the nation’s capital Yaounde Wednesday February 13 as president Biya clocks 86 years.

Proescutors at the Yaounde Military court remanded the renowned professor of international law into custody after a lengthy grilling into the night on Tuesday February 12.

The MRC leader alongside some of his key party executives and over one hundred militants will be behind bars in Kondenqui from where, they will await trial.

As at the time of this piece a few hours after midday, the new arrivals were said to be undergoing registration at the prison facility.

Kamto is being charged with wrongdoings such as hostility against the state, rebellion, insurrection among other charges.

The former minister thus joins the leader of the separatists’ ambazonia movement Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe alongside members of his self-declared cabinet in Kondengui.

Kamto was arrested in Douala on Monday January 28 and ferried to Yaounde after his party staged demonstrations within and without Cameroon on the 26th. Then, Cameroon embassies in some European countries were vandalised.


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