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Yaoundé Goes Up In Flame As Bikers Clash With Council Police

Yaoundé(National Times)-Many cars mostly belonging to municipal police officers of the Yaoundé City Council have been set on fire by an angry mob mostly made up of bike riders in the Elig Edzoa neighbourhood after one of theirs was beaten to death by the municipal officers.

The incident which took place this Wednesday, February 13, 2019, started when the municipal police officers fondly called ‘awarra’ accosted a bike rider trying to seize his bike.

The bike rider refused and put up a stiff resistance. The municipal police officers then got him well beaten which led to his untimely death. With the demise of the biker the population went wild.

Other bikers left Etoudi and joined their colleagues of Elig Edzoa and they confronted the municipal police officers burning their cars and blocking the road between the Etoa Meki Roundabout and the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium.

However, their uprising went beyond the vicinity of Elig Edzoa as neighbouring quarters like Elig Essono were also paralysed.

In the ensuing exchange, many other vehicles and properties were destroyed with scores of people wounded. Security was also reinforced while the municipal police officers who were at the centre of the events vanished.

This is the second confrontation these municipal officers are having with the population within a week. Last Friday, it was the turn of traders of the Yaoundé Main Market, who revolted and chased the municipal officers away who came to seize goods of street vendors.

Even though nobody died, there were also exchanges between vendors at the market and the municipal police officers and business was paralysed for hours until order was restored.

The Yaoundé city municipal officers are noted for brutalising and terrorising the population. They go about the municipality in fleets of old rustic cars seizing goods of road side vendors and in most cases brutalising members of the public.

They will so much power sometimes more than even the regulated State security agents. They entertain a very strenuous relation with members of the public especially roadside vendors who accuse them of taking away their goods and demanding bribes in exchange.

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