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Doctors, Nurses Escape As Military Amoured Car Rescues Pregnant Woman From Death

Kumba (National Times)-Doctors, nurses and other personnel at the Mbingo Annex (Baptist) Hospital in Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon took to their heels Thursday February 14 for fear of the unknown as an amoured car of the military cruised into the facility on top speed with a pregnant woman rescued at the verge of dying.

When the military vehicle arrived the hospital and soldiers jumped down holding their guns, commotion ripped through the health facility. All personnel on duty escaped into hiding for fear of the unknown. Moments after, one of the doctors mustered courage and approached the soldiers only to discover that, they had rather come with a woman at the verge of giving up the ghost.

It was the medic who beckoned on other personnel who had taken cover to come back to their duty post. While calm was returning to the health facility, rumour went wild across the Meta Quarters neighbourhood next to the hospital that, soldiers were breaking into homes and arresting people. Some individuals who did not verify the information started escaping. Hours later, the discovered the information was fake.

Doctor Donates Blood

At the hospital, the woman in question had run short of blood. In the heat of a deserted city, it was one of the doctors on duty who donated blood to the pregnant woman. On Friday February 15, the lady who could barely talk was fast recuperating and responding to treatment.

Sources at the hospital told The National Times that, the lady had suffered from acute malaria and other deseases because she was not going for regular antenatal care prescribed for pregnant women.

Story of Woman                                                 

The pregnant woman a resident of Kombone village, Mbonge Sub Division on the outskirts of Kumba had been trapped in the wild owing to the armed conflict. Yet she almost died because the separatists’ lockdown meant movement was proscribed.

All males in Kombone denied carrying her to the hospital for fear of being attacked either by separatists’ or security forces.

In the face of a stalemate, a handful of women took a truck, placed the woman inside and headed for Kumba. Along the line, a military convoy on board to Kumba was the only thing the women  encountered on the road.

After begging unsuccessfully for the first military vehicles to help, it was the vehicle carrying the commander of the convoy that finally stopped and called the soldiers that had drove past to return to the scene.

After a few questions in French which the women could not understand, the commander asked his boys to put the pregnant woman  in one of the armoured cars and off the convoy zoomed for Kumba. The hand truck which the women were using to carry the pregnant women was covered with grass in a spot near the road.

At the close of this week, the The National Times got further details that, the pregnant woman had regained her health and was set to return

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