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After Predicting Separatists’ Infighting, Suleman Says Biya Needs Prayers To Survive 2019

Abuja (National Times)-Five Months after predicting infighting among separatists fighting for the statehood of ‘Ambazonia, renowned Nigerian cleric Apostle Johnson Suleman  has again made public another revelation stating that, president Biya’s health needs attention for him to survive 2019.

Suleman issued the prophecy about the president’s health situation during a Sunday February 17, Church service aired over the Celebration Television network  of the Omega Fire Ministries.

In the spiritual statement, the pastor said people must pray for the president from their hearts. He maintains that, if such prayers must work, no money should be given to anyone.

According to Suleman, “ the lord said pray for his health. When I was asking God when I got out of the revelation…  why will you take me to the seat of power, the state house and say pray for his health and you bring me back?

The lord said pray for his health this year. His health needs prayer so he can survive this year. It is a prophecy. We do not want to lose any of our leaders. We don’t want any of our leaders to die. Cameroon take this matter  very serious.

Let him organise people to pray. He shouldn’t give them money.. he shouldn’t give anybody money. If he gives them money, prayer will not work. People should pray from their hearts. Sometimes people think a leader is their problem. When you lose a leader you miss him. When you lose a leader you now miss that leader…. That oh if we had known….It is important… the Lord told me that… he said pray for Paul… and we pray for the president of Cameroon. We pray for his health. We pray for his health. We pray for his family. His family will not lose him. We pray for the wife she will not be a widow. We pray for him.. In the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord”. Suleman prayed.

The renowned Nigierian cleric is not new to making pronouncements on issues about Cameroon. He has made several declarations on the Anglophone crisis. The last of such major declarations was in September 2018. Then he urged the government not to spare a third group of persons he termed ‘rebels’ which he claimed had hijacked the Anglophone crisis for personal gains.

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