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Abandoned Corpses Resurface in Kumba 24 Hours After Protest Against Separatists’, Arson, Killings

Kumba(National Times)-The sight of two abandoned corpses at the Three Corners neighbourhood of Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon  in the early hours of Sunday February 17 left Christians   traumatized as no one could account for the lifeless bodies at a busy portion of the town.

It came barely a day after a handful of youths and women marched across Kumba on Saturday February 16 under high military protection protesting against same.

Commuters were shock all the more given that, in the early hours of Sunday, they trekked or boarded bikes and taxis to their various churches and there were no corpses around the area.

A few hours to midday, people returned from worshiping God to behold the corpses of two youngsters abandoned in the open. At nightfall, the corpses were still there.

No one could say anything in relation to the development. Both inhabitants of the area and Christians returning home exhibited ignorance over how the corpses got to the busy portion of town.

A Christian  of the Paradise Baptist Church located further from the spot where the corpses were spotted  told The National Times that, “ we left church and started getting information about these corpses. If I  did not pass here this afternoon, I will have doubted the story”.

As the hours died town, the traffic flow of commercial cabs and motorcycles towards that part of town reduced drastically. Most people started suspecting that, something was in the offing.

This Sunday’s discovery of abandoned corpses is not a new phenomenon to Kumba since the Anglophone crisis morphed into an armed conflict.

It comes barely four days after the discovery of  the lifeless bodies of three youngsters in front of the Business Center of the Kumba II council in Kosala. Before now, two others in an advanced state of decomposition on Laduma Street in the same Three Corners  had forced commuters to change paths.

In the face of the multiple corpses of mostly youngsters spotted at certain spots in Kumba, no official has ever made a statement to question what is wrong.

Kumba hosts  three Divisional Officers ( D Os), a senior Divisional Officer (SDO), a Government Delegate and three Mayors  working for the population. Yet none has raised a finger at the high number of youngsters perishing probably in gun battles against security forces.

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