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Cameroon Gov’t Hits Back After US Diplomat’s Autonomy Utterances

Yaoundé(National Times)-The Government of Cameroon has reacted angrily to the recent outing of the US Assistant Secretary of State, Tibor Nagy, requesting for more autonomy to be given to Anglophones as a solution to the ongoing conflict as well as releasing the jailed leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, (CRM), Maurice Kamto and his followers.

In a strongly worded statement released by the Minister of Communication and Government Spokesperson, Rene Emmanuel Sadi,  he asserted that the remarks of the American Diplomat are tantamount to interference in Cameroon’s internal affairs.

The Minister frowned at the Ambassador’s utterances and said the            Government of Cameroon has taken all necessary measures to answer the professional and political demands expressed by Trade Unions of Lawyers and Teachers and those fighting against the State in the two restive Regions are merely “secessionists” who are out to destabilise Cameroon.

Sadi argued that in its absolute right the State has to protect the territorial integrity of Cameroon.

While addressing the case of Maurice Kamto, Sadi said “Cameroon is a state of Law” wherein all political parties including that of Maurice Kamto do function and the case brought against him is purely based on acts of common law.

To buttress his points, Sadi went further to name some of the charges against Kamto including “apology to terrorism, rebellion, destruction of State property at home and abroad,” stating that the Cameroon judiciary is free and fair and only its decision can determine the future of the arrested CRM leaders and his supporters.

It is to be noted that the US Assistant Secretary of State, Tibor Nagy in a recent interview over the French international radio channel, RFI argued that only autonomy for Anglophones where they would be able to manage their affairs as well as directly elect their Governors can resolve the current conflict.

He acknowledged measures taking this far by the Government but said they are merely cosmetic and the Government of Cameroon needs to show more seriousness in managing the conflict. On the Kamto case, he said it would be a wise decision to release Kamto because his arrest is considered political.

Expectations are now high as many are waiting for the outcome of the visit of Ambassador Tibor to Cameroon on March 17 and 18.

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