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BIYA under Fire for Flooding ENAMs Board with People from his Ethnic Group

Yaounde (National Times) – Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has come under fire for appointing three quater of the Board Members of the country’s most prestigious institution for public servants, the National School for Administration and Magistracy (popularly known as ENAM), with people from the South and Centre regions.

The President made the announcement of the new appointments on Wednesday 6 March. Based on the Presidential degree, Madam Ewusi, nee Elinge Suzzanne Enjema, Madam KOA, nee Otsili Medzogo Evelyne, Mr Maina Anatole, Mr Edoa Gilbert Didier, Madam Nseng Elgan Marie Claire Dieudonnee, Mr Essomba Pierre, Madam Nkono, nee Eza Akono Mengue Balbine Elizabeth, Mr Fouda Ndjodo Marcel Laurent, and Mr Mounock Toutou Alphonse will take up the position of new board members of ENAM for a period of three years.

The decisions has ignited a public outcry over what many Cameroonians see as President’s Biya derive to dominate all public service with people from the Centre and South. One commentator, Olivier Chamberlin Tonfack Essofack, wrote on the President’s Facebook page, “More tribal nominations in this country? Where is regional balance everyone is preaching about? Pathetic!”

Another commentator, Jean Denis le Saint, added, “I think other tribes also have rights to the public service, why always appoint people from the same tribe Mr. President?

In December 2018, the President appointed Soumbou Angoula Bertand Pierre as the head of ENAM. Mr Soumbou, aged 32, is actually from the same division with the President’s wife, and same region with the President.

According to some accounts, seven of the nine new board members are from the South and Centre regions. National Times has not independently verified the tribal origins of all the board members. Cameroon has ten regions and most Cameroonians expect the President to make an institution as the board of ENAM inclusive and diverse.


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