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Panicky Trade Minister Orders Brewery Companies To Suspend Increase In Beer Prices

Yaoundé (National Times)-Trade Minister, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, has asked brewery companies in Cameroon to reverse their decision to increase prices of brewery products, which came into effect this month.

Consumers gulping bottles of beer

During a tripartite meeting held in Yaoundé on Wednesday, March 6, between the Minister, representatives of brewery companies and consumer rights association, Mbarga Atangana said the decision to increase prices was a unilateral one decided by the companies without the express authorisation of the Government through his Ministry.

He said even if they have to be a mutation in prices, the companies have to follow the right procedure which must ensure that the prices are homologated by the Ministry with the support of Consumers’ rights organisation.

The meeting sent the companies back to the drawing board to come out with a harmonised pricing and present it to his Ministerial department.

Consumer rights associations have welcome the move saying the consumer was being exploited by these companies and the haphazard manner of price fluctuations ensured that the rights of the consumer was not respected.

Guineas products also experiences increase

The meeting comes after most brewery companies suddenly increased prices of drinks with each company producing its own pricing scale. However, according to the Director of Guinness Cameroon S.A., Felicité Ngangue, their decision to increase the prices of most of their drinks by FCFA 50 was not unilateral but born out of the 2019 Finance Law of the State of Cameroon.

According to Minister Mbarga, drinks are supposed to be sold at their formers prices until the homologation process is finished before Cameroonians would know whether there would be an increase or not.


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