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Cameroon Defense Minister Proposes Another Military Solution to the Anglophone Crisis

Yaounde (National Times) – Cameroon’s Defense Minister has held a high-level security meeting in Yaounde proposing military solutions to the ongoing Anglophone crisis, notwithstanding stakeholders call for dialogue and other non-military solution to the crisis.

Mr Joseph Beti Assomo held a meeting with top military and police brass in Yaounde on Monday 11 March to see how to end the going civil war in the Anglophone regions and the threat posed to the country’s security.

“The security situation in the country now is marked by violence sparked by secessionists and criminal gangs in the Northwest and Southwest regions. This has led to suffering,” Assomo said as he opened the meeting.

As part of the solution to the crisis, he proposed a new military strategy to resolve the crisis and get life in both regions back to normalcy.

However using military tactics to resolve the crisis is seems to contradict domestic and international calls for the Biya’s government to find political and social solutions to the problem.

Cameroonian Catholic Bishops and women have called for honest and deep dialogue in resolving the crisis that has forcefully displaced more than 200,000 persons, and left more than 1400 dead.

The former Governor of South west region likewise told the government last year that only political dialogue can resolve the Anglophone crisis.

The US, Germany and other international agencies have called on the Biya’s government to dialogue with the Anglophone separatists, but the government seems to double down on its resolve to use military strategies to end the conflict.




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