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Separatists’ Kingpin Accused Of Supervising Arson On Chief’s Palace

Kumba (National Times)-A separatists’ self-styled ‘General’  popularly known as Devine is accused of having led of delegation of gunmen that set ablaze the palace of  the traditional ruler of Kotto-Barombi in Meme Division, South West Region of Cameroon in the night of Tuesday breaking Wednesday March 13th.

Reports hold that, around 11Pm Tuesday, gunmen suspected to be paying allegiance to the separatists’ ‘General’ stormed the village. Moments after, the palace of Chief Moni Pindian Mbanda leader of the said locality went up in flames under unclear circumstances.

The gunmen who stormed the village that night  are suspected to have committed the act at the instruction of their ‘General’.The Barombi Kotto palace is among the respected traditional relics  which had stood the test of time.

The Lake Site Radio reported in the early hours of March 14th during the morning program ‘Events People and Places’ that, ‘General’ Devine is accusing the traditional ruler of sending security forces  after him.

At the moment, there has been no estimate on the extent of the damage caused on the palace in terms of monetary value. Chief Moni Mbanda is known to have left the village for medical consultations. He is not known to have been in the village for a while now.

Same night the incident occurred, clashes are reported to have erupted between different gangs of gunmen all suspected to be separatists’ agents around the same vicinity.

The attack is not the first on a palace within the context of the Anglophone crisis. Meme Division has been a hotspot since the Anglophone grievances morphed into an armed struggle.



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