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Peace March By Journalists Turns Ugly In Buea, Mayor Arrests PCC Pastor

Buea(National Times)A peace march organised by some Journalists was abruptly disrupted when the Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge, stormed the venue with troops, molesting the Peace Journalists and ordered for the arrest of the leader of the group, Rev Geraldine Forbang, a Peace Journalist and Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC)

The peaceful march which was duly authorised by the Divisional Officer (DO) of Buea, Paul Wokam Kouam, started at about 3:30pm from the Synod Office down to the Buea Independence Square.

As the Journalists were coming back, the Mayor, accompanied by heavily armed troops and some of his thugs confronted the Journalists around the Gendarmerie Legion.

After seizing the placards the journalists were carrying, the Mayor rained insults on the Journalists and threatened to beat the Leader of the group, Pastor Geraldine Forbang.

The DO intervened to calm the situation but Mayor Ekema imposed his authority over the Administrator, telling him, “this is my town, am acting as a Bakweri man.”

After some scuffles a Journalist was undressed and the Mayor attempted to remove his jacket and personally tortured the Journalists before he was stopped.

As the Journalists prematurely ended the peace march and boarded taxis with the blessings of the DO, Ekema Patrick and his thugs followed the media practitioners to the Synod Office and in the absence of the DO and arrested the President of the Cameroon Community Media Network (CCMN), Rev Geraldine Forbang, who was the main organiser of the event.

At press time the Woman of God was still being detained by Mayor Ekema and the Church’s hierarchy was intervening through the mediation of the Communication Secretary, Rev Mokoko Thomas.

It is to be noted that the peace march was authorised by the DO and the Regional Governor also sent his representative who was part of the walk.



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