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Dead Man Signs Motion Of Support Addressed To Biya

Yaounde (National Times)-The name of  Benjamin Gerard Assouzo’o Bella erstwhile  Director of Marketing and Communication at the Cameroon Telecommunication (CAMTEL) who died  on January 15th  this year is among signatories to a motion of support addressed to president Biya.

The motion of support published in the state-owned Cameroon Tribune Newspaper of Wednesday March 13 is from the living forces of the South Region reaffirm their commitment to the head of state.

However, the citation of the name of the deceased has once more triggered controversy across the board. It is not the first time that, the name of a dead person or someone who is not supposed to sign such a document is triggering diverse reaction within the public space.

Bella died in Yaounde and had long been buried but the citation of his name in a recent political document has once more put to question the vigilance of those who craft motions of support to president Biya.

In May 2019, there was similar controversy when the name of Jean Fouman Akam member of the Constitutional Council was cited in a motion of support. Akam by virtue of being part of the Constitutional Council is supposed to be apolitical. In the heat of the controversy, the leadership of the CPDM clarified public opinion that, it was an error in writing the name of Marie Fouman Akam wife of the  concerned.


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