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Search Intensifies For Woman Missing After Gunfire Exchange Pitting Gunmen, Security Forces

Kumba (National Times)-Search operations have intensified across Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon following the disappearance of  a woman , scholastica Fonge  around Malende Village on Saturday March 9 after security forces clashed with gunmen believed to be separatists’ sparking pandemonium.

The National Times gathered that, Mrs Fonge was on board a motor bike  on a bush path but jumped off as gun fire triggered fear across Malende. She had left her home that morning for farm work in the village but since the shootings of last weekend, her whereabouts remain unknown.

Search teams have visited hospitals and mortuaries but there has been  no clue in sight. Radio announcements have been made public but no information is coming forth in relations to her disappearance.

In the face of despair, different search teams have been going out daily to find Mrs Fonge. None of these groups have been able to locate her. Added to this, daily prayers were instituted at her Kumba home a few days ago to seek divine intervention on her behalf.

Mrs Fonge and her husband are said to be retirees of the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC). They are said to have served in CDC plantations in Malende for over 60years. The population of the village itself is said to be restless given their interactions with the missing woman.

Though the family had relocated to the main city of Kumba,Mrs Fonge and her children have  maintained farming on parcels of land in Malende.

On the  day of the shootout , other families that had gone to the farm escaped back to Kumba.  As the guns coughed unendingly many civilians escaped into places of safety. At nightfall same day, Mrs. Fonge could not be traced. Reports hold that, at least four separatists fighters crumbled in Saturday’s shootout.

Reports of people disappearing under unexplained circumstances have become common as the armed conflict in Cameroon’s English-Speaking Regions drags on.



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