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Cameroon Is A Republic Dominated By A Strong Presidency-U S State Department

Yaounde(National Times)-The United States State Department  has in its 2018 human rights  report on Cameroon describe the country as a republic with a strong presidency that  in practice retains the power to control legislation.

It remaked that, “ the constitution and law provide for an independent judiciary, but the judiciary is under and  often controlled by the president and by, proxy the ruling party. Individuals reportedly accused innocent persons of crimes, often due to political motivation, or caused trial delays to settle personal. Authorities generally enforced court orders”.

According to executive summary of the 45 page report national life  in relation to the rule of law and human rights  include “ arbitrary and unlawful killings by security forces, as well as armed Anglophone separatists; forced disappearances by security forces, Boko Haram, and separatists; torture by security forces and Anglophone separatists. Prolonged arbitrary detentions; including of suspected Anglophone separatists by security forces; harsh and hard life-threatening prison conditions”.

It further cites “ arbitrary or unlawful interference with privacy, violence and harassment  targeting journalists by government agents; periodic government restrictions  on access to the internet; laws authorizing criminal libel, substantial interference  with the right of peaceful assembly; refloument of refugees and asylum seekers  by government; restrictions on political participation; violence against women in part due to  government inaction; unlawful recruitment and use of child soldiers  by Anglophone separatists, government-supported vigilante committees and Boko Haram”.

The same report ventures into “ violence or threats of violence  targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex(LGBT) persons, and criminalisation of consensual same sex relations; child labour, including  forced child labour and violation  of workers’ rights”.

However, the report observed that government did initiate  some measures  to investigate, punish those who committed  such acts, but maintains that, such sanctions were not made public. The report states that, serial offenders continue to operate with impunity.

Government is yet to react to the human rights report of a country whose diplomatic intercourse with the Biya regime has in recent times registered some tough moments.





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