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Man Killed Hours After PM Dion Ngute’s Peace Mission To Kumba

Kumba (National Times)-A man  whose name The National Times got only as Derrick  popularly known as ‘Baba’ has been shot dead around the Buea road park  in Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon early Saturday May 18th ; hours after Prime Minister Joseph  Dion Ngute left the city preaching peace.

Eye witnesses narrate that, Derick a resident of the Barombi-Kang neighbourhood was meandering in between buses reportedly about to board a bus for Douala when he was shot. Witnesses furthered that, men in military attire opened fire on the man.

The deceased’s lifeless body is said to be still lying opposite a petrol station after he was shot. A man who lived the incident simply quipped that , “ the young man was shot twice behind me”.

Another witness narrated that “the guy was meandering between buses, trying to get a bus for Douala. Perhaps his looks were interpreted otherwise because he had this rough hair and was dressed in black”.

A city dweller who also claimed to have witnessed the killing said “ I felt cold at the sight  of a human being  who walked passed me with vitality reduced  to a bundle  of lifeless rubbish seconds after. This can’t be happening few hours  after the PM came calling  for these guys to down arms . Assume this was one of them rushing to hand himself over, what does  it make of  the PM’s mission ?”.

At the moment, no group has claimed responsibility for the day light killing.  The incident left scores of persons about travelling early Saturday at the Buea road park to develop cold feet.

However, unconfirmed reports hold that, Derrick was a victim of occasional mental blackouts . His dressing styles are usually out of the ordinary.



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