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Africans must retaliate against Western far-rights

National Times (Washington) – Western political leaders seeking influence in their countries have turned to a sword that for centuries has slaughtered millions of blacks, including children and women- white supremacy.

It was this white supremacy sword that they used to raid and enslave over 50 million blacks, dumping more than 16 million bodies in the Atlantic ocean. It was the same sword that they used to exploit hundreds of millions of blacks through colonialism. Because of their white supremacist views they changed the names of towns, rivers and denying the existence of any civilization in black countries. They thought their religion was above our religion. They have never seen black people as humans.

No doubt, Europeans are sharpening these sword again against blacks with the their fa-right movement. Isn’t far right the same with Klux Klux clan? Hasn’t Italian Lego party created conspiracy theories about spike in crimes and poverty in Italy because of black immigration, even though statistics shows crime rates have actually gone done? They are blaming all their woes on our being. But they are not ending there they are molesting and killing black people. Why you should ask!!!

Klux Klux clan kills a black man

Just this week Trump, who has mastered the card of black exploitation and a kin white supremacist, ordered four US citizens, three of them black, to return to their crimes infested and poorly managed countries—three of them were actually born in the US. What Trump did was a historical resist card- deny blacks their part in building whatever America is. Deny blacks they labour and sweat.

But for centuries blacks have allowed this exploitation and killing unfettered. They have allowed the white supremacist sword to cut intestine of black women and remove their children, and harvest the kidneys of black men and children for white use.

Other countries have refused to allow this. Chinese for example, have stood up to the US. Even in the face of US sanctions and bullying they have refused to allow US white supremacist to control their economies. To have denied European military bases in their countries. They have even killed indigenes who connived with US white supremacists to continue the exploitation of their people. Russia too has done away with these “black legs”.

But what about Africans? We have never boycotted companies that are associated with these people who have exploited and killed our people for centuries. We still use Facebook, Apple, Google. We rely on Shell and Total for oil. Our youths display D&G wears, not knowing that millions of their brothers bloods were spilled by these companies. We have never protested against leaders who award American companies or send their children to study in these countries. Isn’t time we turn our swords against White supremacists Europeans?

Is it not time our youths stand up against European and American companies operating across Africa? If our leaders are afraid, the youths must take the mantle. We must retaliate against centuries of humiliation and hatred against white supremacist.

Is it not time we stand up against African leaders who are doing business with British, Italian, French and American companies? These leaders are selling us to groups of people who have enslaved us for centuries. We must stand up against them—against our leaders who refuse to listen and against the imperialists. We must see to it that not one European companies is allowed to operate in Africa. That is the right thing to do. It is the only way to get back our dignity.


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