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AFRIMA 2018: Blanche Bailly, Daphne to compete for Best Female Artist crown

Blanche Bailly and Daphne are two bosom friends. But their friendship will now be tested at the 2018 Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) in Lagos, when both go head to head for the ‘Best Central Africa Female Artist’s crown.

Who will win? And what should one do to win? Will the other send her a public congratulatory message? These are the questions their fans are already speculating on.

The battle is on and the two Cameroonians top female music artists will be at each other’s throat for the Sub-Regional crown.

Daphne, Blanche Bailly and Charlotte Dipanda are all representing Cameroon in this category and fans are ready to cheer one of them to the throne.

Of the aforementioned trio, Daphne has had an incredible year. With back-to-back hit singles, a rebranded image and more international shows, the Steven’s Music queen seems likely to win the crown.


However, despite the fact that all the factors seem to be in her favour, Bailly may just spring a surprise. She too has had an amazing 2018 and may just give Daphne a serious run for her money.

Daphne also competed for the crown last year, but was defeated by Montess, a win which many including Salatiel, considered non-deserving.

Well, many think that Bailly could be this year’s Montess to deny Daphne the crown once again.  The pop singer has, almost singlehandedly raised her music career to the top.

Blanche Baily

Bailly did not only release a hit song, Bon Bon’ this year, but her video hit a million views with little or no promotion. She also clinched a one month European tour which also saw her go under the knife for a new pair of boots. That alone got her all the attention she needed. She clearly stands a huge threat to Daphne‘s hopeful win this year.

Both singers are remarkably talented and have registered huge wins this year as far as putting out big songs are concerned. Both are also very beautiful and determined to take the music scene by storm. But in this year, AFRIMA needs only one winner! Who will it be; Bailly or Daphne?

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